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Schiffli Embroidery is done by  multi-needle, Schiffli industrial embroidery machine which are fully automatic and made mostly in Switzerland with the brand LASSER & SAURER

Schiffli embroidery uses lock stitch technique & with help of  max.  898 needles & Shuttles  the embroidery length had standardized to 9.50 - 24 meters.

Schiffli Embroidery Supports small & Long  stitch lengths, Fabric Boring (holes/ Eyelets) while embroidery.

Schiffli Embroidery can be done on various fabrics Like Woven Fabrics  like viol, cambric ,propylene etc. Knitted Fabrics like Hosiery materials and Nets even.

Schiffli Embroidery can be down by various kind of man made & Natural threads like Cotton, Rayon,Silk, Viscose , Polyester & even Texturized yarns 

Schiffli Embroidery can be as per customer requirements  like : Allover Embroidery,  Border embroidery , Double side Border, Single Side border etc. since the blank fabric without the embroidery can also be designed.


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